Privacy Notice

Thank you for considering TetherX as a trusted security partner. We are committed to improving your security, protecting your privacy and providing you with tools that help stay aware and in control. By using TetherX's products and services (Goods, Services, and Software), you agree to the entirety of the terms and conditions below.

Using the TetherX services

This Privacy Notice applies to the products and services provided by TetherX Limited (“TetherX”). TetherX does not currently collect any information about visitors to its website ( or This Privacy Notice exists in conjunction with our Data Protection Policy which is available from TetherX upon request.

Who We Are

TetherX is a leading British technology company which provides a single platform for managing all physical security devices and locations. TetherX Timeline is a service to allow remote access to your security footage across multiple locations as well as management and storage of any events captured by your security systems.

The Information We Collect

TetherX collects only the minimum data we need to deliver our services to you. In order to access TetherX we will need to hold your name, email address, login details and your phone number. We may also hold details such as your job title or work phone number if you have provided those to us.

TetherX is also processing personal data on your behalf through the storage and management of security videos. It must be noted that TetherX holds no responsibility for the content of these videos and is acting as a Data Processor on behalf of our customers, the Data Controller. It is the responsibility of the Data Controller (You) to ensure the data you are processing is done so in accordance with any applicable data protection legislation.

How We Use the Information We Collect

The information we collect from you may be used to provide access to our services, to provide support for our services and, on occasion, to inform you of any changes to the services or other relevant updates from TetherX.

The information we store on your behalf may be accessed (seen) by our staff, however we will never access it unnecessarily, will never alter it in any way or copy it and will ensure all our staff are bound by, and act in accordance with, our strict confidentiality terms.

Sharing Information

TetherX will never disclose your information to a third party without your knowledge and consent, where required. In the delivery of our products and services we do use external organisations to provide certain elements

(such as cloud storage, an online ticketing system, email system and a web-based CRM system). We take every effort to ensure that the organisations with whom we engage are compliant to the required data protection legislation and that they will not disclose the information shared with them to any additional parties. Further, we ensure that we only work with organisations who allow us to store information within the European Economic Area (EEA) and, in the case of our Cloud Backup for our customers to select specific locations for their information storage. We will never share data beyond the boundaries of the EEA unless specifically instructed to, in writing, by a TetherX customer in order to support their own obligations under applicable data protection laws.

TetherX does use social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter however does not share any personal information via these platforms.


TetherX takes the security of our services very seriously. We use industry standard security mechanisms and work with industry-leading suppliers to ensure our security practices meet the most stringent requirements. We hold regular reviews to ensure we are upholding the principles and reviewing any advances in technology that may improve our position.

Your Rights

TetherX will uphold the rights of the individual under data protection law including the right to erasure and rectification and the right to access. In the event that you wish to invoke any of these rights, please submit a request using the contact information shown below.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns in respect of this Privacy Notice, please contact our Data Protection team at