Tetherbox Recording Capacity

Checking Your Current Capacity

You can check your present recording capacity by logging into your Timeline, clicking on “Admin” in the top right corner and clicking on “Tetherboxes”. You will see all of your systems and their vital stats. The column “Est Capacity” shows the estimated recording capacity of the unit, for example: “2 months”.

Why Capacity Can Drop

If you have a combination of cameras that see very little motion and a lot of motion, you can expect around 3 to 4 weeks recording capacity out of the box. If you have an environment where many cameras have continuous motion for most of the day, the recording capacity can drop to under a week.

How to Increase Capacity

Option 1: Subscribing to Cloud Storage

We have cloud packages allowing you to backup your footage to the cloud, please contact your integrator for more details.

Option 2: Setting up Camera Masking

Under the “Admin” interface, click on “Cameras” and edit each camera. Click on the “Mask” to access camera masking.

Draw around the areas you wish the system to ignore. This can significantly increase your recording capacity.

Option 3: External Storage

The internal hard drive is usually from 1 to 2 terabytes. This is the maximum size available that will physically fit in the unit. However external USB hard drives and NAS storage units are available with 8 terabytes or more. Connecting an external hard drive can increase the recording capacity of your Tetherbox 10x or more.

Once an external hard drive or NAS is connected, please email support@tetherit.io with your Tetherbox serial and the subject "Please activate external storage" and it will be activated by our team.

Option 4: Reducing Recording Quality

Under the “Admin” interface, click on “Cameras”, you will see a list of all your cameras. You can use the IP address and the access credentials to log into the cameras’ internal interface. There you can reduce resolution, frame rate and bitrate in order to increase recording capacity. Please refer to your camera manual for instructions how to do this.